Create and Destroy. Liberate and Control.


15.05.2020 in Chapter 6: Take A Break
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DioDezir 15th May 2020

Right on the eye!
Mrremoraman 15th May 2020
DANG! Now that was epic!
Guest 17th May 2020
Jeoffrey have an obsession to be a destroyer, so blinded with it, that he not only disrespect his gift of being great creator, but also he hurts people around him...
Jeoffrey had a event of madness, almost killing Arkanos in revenge for making him a creator, and now again he's gone insane, willing to destroy a destroyer school (i know, it sounds weird lol :P), and probably everything around, again for not being a destroyer. Is it his peak, or he'll gone totally unstable later?
At least for now it seems, that Jeskis* thankfully escaped this fusion fast enough to stop Jeoffrey's descruction frenzy escalate.

*Are Jeskis' blue markings here (and seen on previous page) caused by fusion?

One more question, just to make sure, when exactly Jeoffrey's interlude takes place, before or after this event?
HypnoDrama 19th May 2020
I can’t say too much right now because that would be a huge spoiler but yes, the blue markings in Jeskis are because of the fusion and have a meaning to them. Let’s just say Jeskis didn’t get out of it scot-free
Jeoffrey’s Interlude happens directly after the events of chapter 5 and a few days before the events of chapter 6