Create and Destroy. Liberate and Control.


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Author Notes:

HypnoDrama 3rd Nov 2016
Ok guys, so if you haven't figured it out already, this chapter is going to focus a lot on the characters, besides introducing a few more (I've got such a huge cast, I swear they're all important, just give them their own time) This chapter will have important character development for both Emily and Jeskis, while Jeoffrey is a bit shoved to the side on this but he'll get some for himself still...
I am seriously so excited for this chapter xD
but these pages are taking longer and longer to make ugh
most chapter 1 pages took like 3 hours to finish
this one took me 5
as weird as that may sound because it isn't really that detailed, but I needed 17 layers for this, most pages in chapter 1 needed about 5 or 6
enough blabbering, there will be another page on sunday! stay tuned :D
HypnoDrama 3rd Nov 2016
Note for readers: THIS IS NOT BARRET
Jeskis was watching TV late at night THE PREVIOUS NIGHT. aka when Jeoffrey was breaking in the court, he hadn't been caught by then and they still wouldn't have fought barret because that happened in the morning after they kidnapped Jeskis...